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Sunday, November 06, 2005

So I went for my first trail skate today. For those who don't know, keith and I have been taking skating lessons. It's something I have always thought about doing, and keith mentioned he wanted to learn, so we signed up for classes. We go to class saturday and sunday mornings, and we are learning basic movement, stopping and turning (later we will learn backwards skating, other turns, etc).

The classes went really well this weekend, so I was feeling confident enough afterwards to drive down to Greenlake and try skating the path around the lake. I found out that trail skating, is very very different to skating on the rink. There are people and dogs to avoid. Plus there is leaves, twigs and other debry on the trail to contend with. Thankfully I managed to stay on my feet. There was only one point where I needed to head for the grass. This was when I was heading down hill, the trail was covered with wet leaves, and my breaks just wouldn't stick.

I am really starting to enjoy the skating, unfortunatly it is going to be wet for the next six months, so I probably won't get to skate outside again for a while (at least when it does fine up, I should be a lot better skater).

Trying to figure out a way to keep in touch with the folks in australia. VOIP looks like the best/cheapest solution. Skype is the cheapest solution, but it is a propreity protocol. A true SIP solution like Gizmo looks cool, but it's about 2c a minute more expensive. I really want to be able to connect a phone to the network, so I don't have to sit at the PC to talk to people. This would indicate a pure SIP solution is the best idea.

Bought a cheap mic/headphone combo at best buy so I can test both Skype and Gizmo. However with this peice of crap shuttle PC that I bought (and I am seriously regretting), I cannot seem to get both the mic and headphone working at the same time. Downloading some new drivers at the moment, and hopefully that should fix the problem.


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