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Friday, November 11, 2005

Team moral event today. First off was a pot-luck lunch. I took ANZAC biscuts. Kinda fitting I thought, considering it was rememberance day. Didn't try any of the food, as I wasn't hungry at the time.

After that, we headed off Go-Kart racing... me + driving = hell yeah. First couple of races didn't go too well. I was a bit off the pace (about 0.75s behind the leaders). Final qualifying race I did manage to break the magic 20s barrier though. Which was good enough to put me into the final.

The final was race for placing instead of for lap time (so no passing flags, we needed to pass ourselves). So I was third of the grid, I blew the first hairpin, thankfully the car behind me nudged me back into the correct direction, so I kept my placing.

I managed to get the fastest lap times consistantly, however I just couldn't find a place to get a clean pass (so I settled for nudging the car in front of me, repeatedly). So third across the line. Pretty happy with that. My style was crap though, Richard would have had a fit (and then beaten us all severly).

Stupidly I forgot to bring my camera to work today. So no pictures to post. There is one group photo that was taken and should be emailed to us. I will post that if I ever see it.

Thats all for now, gonna write about the health club when I get some time, and don't feel like sleeping.


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