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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So, reading slashdot today, I saw this post about CmdrTaco turning 30. This in of it's self is a slightly interesting, though not really blogworthy situation. The real mind scew however comes when you think about when you first started reading slashdot. For me, I was still in highschool, the site was called Chips & Dips, comments did not exist, and moderation had never even been mentioned... Ever since then, there have only been a few days where I have gone without reading the site. So, if Rob is now 30, that must mean... holy crap... I'm getting old (this is not a bad thing, keep reading).

My perception of myself has never really changed since highschool. I still see myself as a geeky-kid. I look around at everyone I know and if they are my age, they are kids, if they are older than me, then they are adults (there are exceptions to this rule, named Dick, Scott & Keith) who have to be responsible and stuff. Then an event like this causes my reality to adjust. It suddenly hits me that I am no longer that highschool kid, but it warms me to realise that if myself perception has not changed, then hopefully I haven't changed too much either. I liked who I was as a kid, and I hope I can go on being that person for a lot longer.


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