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Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Why I wish I still in perth....

Reason #482

Taken from Xpress

Saturday December 24

Little Birdy
The Panda Band
New Rules For Boats
Birds Of Tokyo
Fighting For Alaska
Kill Teen Angst
The Ghost Hotel
The Painkillers
The Fault

DAMN!!!! Little Birdy by themselves make that worthwhile, but throw in Birds of Tokyo, Fighting For Alaska & Halogen, and that is a fscking EXCELLENT lineup.

I am living in Seattle, a city which is suposed to be the 'home' of alternative music, and I have not seen ANYWHERE here that would rival that sort of lineup.

What makes it worse... the 'alternative' radio station over here (which is complete joke), is giving away as a prize a trip to the Sydney Big Day Out. Thats right, the festival has become so big, we're shipping in people from overseas to go to it.


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