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Sunday, December 18, 2005

"It's not the size of the night out, oh no, it's the size of the pills."

Pretty good weekend.

Work christmas party on friday night. Wasn't bad, wasn't great either. It really had the feel of my high school year 12 ball. Some convention centre ballroom, people in suits who really didn't want to be in suits, food & some really bad music. It, however, was interesting too see some of my co-workers outside of work, and I did end up having a fairly good time.

Saturday I finished unpacking my stuff. Also went downtown and saw the christmas decorations, and went to the comic store (damn hellblazer is late).

Today the weather was pretty damn nice (~7 degrees and lots of sunshine), so after skating lessons I headed out to green lake to do a lap around the lake. Flying around the lake with Jebediah playing on the mini-disk, was a nice way to spend the afternoon.

Not much planned for christmas, going to get together with my office mate Tarong, and have a cooked lunch. New Years however I am planning on heading up to Vancouver to spend some time with Dan & Estelle. Should be a good weekend.


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