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Thursday, December 15, 2005

Damn, my stuff showed up on tuesday. Somehow this has made everything swing into focus. I'm actually living here now. I'm not going to be going home for a while. I don't know if I can handle this.

I mean, I love being here, I love doing what I am doing, but I still miss not being in Perth. I want to go out to the Rosemount, and see a local band play, I want to walk along the beach (I want it to be warm enough for me to walk along the beach), I want to see my friends and my family.

This might just be a manifestation of the time of year, mixed with lack of sleep and feeling sick, but even christmas which is the time of year I love, seems somehow tarnished if I'm not going to be at home with my family.

Ahhh crap, now I'm rambling. Photo's of a furnished appartment will come later.

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At 2:10 PM , Anonymous Kristi said...

Hey Mike :)

I know exactly how you feel about being away from home!!

I miss all my friends and family heaps too :( But I do like it here in Sydney. Even though I still think 'wow I am actually here, not in Perth!'

They say the first few months are the hardest while you settle in!

Hope your job is going OK!

Merry Christmas!


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