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Monday, December 26, 2005

Pretty good kinda chirstmas. Hung out with Tarong & Alex from work. Cooked some Lamb, drank some beer, watched Serenity. What more could ya possibly want.

Finished reading all of the Harry Potter books this weekend. Initially I refused to read this series, because I had some problems with them. Not the content so much as the fact that people were claiming they were a mirical cure to get kids to read. I'm going to ignore this fact for now, and just focus on what I thought of the books themselves.

They were a good story, however, nothing special. They reminded me strongly of the Famous Five/Secret Seven/Hardy Boys (not for content, but for type of story) that I read as a child. After about book three they move away from this mould to something darker that I started to enjoy more ('The Half Blood Prince' was my favourite of the 6).

In other book news, my brother got a copy of 'Seven Ancient Wonders' by Matthew Reilly for christmas. Too make this an even BETTER present (I was stoked by the book itself). He stood in line outside a book store to get the copy autographed for me :-)

The story itself is pretty damn good. It's a move away from the Scarecrow trilogy, but still with the fast paced action that I love soo much. Plus, it also (IMHO) takes the piss outta Dan Brown, which is always a good thing.

Anyway, hope ya'all had a good weekend.

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