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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I saw Sonic Youth play at the Moore Theater on friday night. My first impression when they came on stage was 'wow, they're old'. That thought was quickly forgotten when they started playing though. They may no longer be the disenchanted youth, but they still get it, and play just as hard as they ever did. The set closed out with about 10 minutes of feedback and distortion that I felt right through my body.

During the show, Thurston made a comment about it was good to be back in Seattle as they have a lot of friends here, some are still here, and some are above us now.

That comment started me thinking. Here I was standing in a Seattle landmark, seeing one of the pioneering bands of the grunge revolution. This was a band that I was listening to back when I was a teenager, and here they are several years later, still together, still touring. It made me wonder, what would of happened if Kurt had not died. Would they still be together? Would we have still had Foo Fighers, Sweet 75, Eyes Adrift and Probot? Would Nirvana have become as big as they are today (allowing for more records, and possible alienation of fans)?

Those questions aside, it still felt really great to be standing in such an iconic place listening to a band that I have enjoyed forever, and thinking about the musicians that have had such an impact on my life.


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