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Saturday, August 05, 2006

Pretty kick arse couple of weeks.

Last weekend I went climbing with Keith and Matt up at Exit 38. Nice day, did a couple of interesting climbs, and I got to do my first lead climb. It was only a 5.7, but it's a start. I think this was something I would like to do some more of. There are some photo's up on my flickr if any one is interested.

The week at work, was what it was, another week at work.

Today, I went out on the lake with some of the guys from work. Had some fun belting around the lake on tubes. I tried my hand at wakeboarding, found out it is really hard to get up (you've got to push through the water with the board horizontal, then kick one side down to get up... this is hard when the boat is doing about 40mph. Was a great day all up, even if I did get a bit to much sun, and am now a bit red.

Took Keith down to 'Sushi C' in Freemont last night. Damn that is good sushi. Keith obviously agreed considering the stack of plates on our table at the end of the meal.

Supposed to be going to climbing again tomorrow, really don't think thats going to happen.

Been listening to a lot of Belle & Sebastian recently. Wow it's good. It's mellow, quirky and just offbeat enough to be fun. The type of thing to put on when your sitting in the dark chilling. Highly recomend you all check them out.


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