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Monday, August 14, 2006

Pretty good weekend. They have repaved part of the samamish river trail, so when I found the new surface I had to skate it. Ended up doing 12km's friday night, then I went back and did it all again on Saturday. My legs pulled up pretty well considering.

Sunday I drove to Leavenworth (about 2 hours east of seattle) to go climbing. The pitches are there are considered to be some of the best in the state. You can really see why, there was a lot of pitches, and some really interesting routes. The only problem was the temp was up in the 90's, and there was very little shade on the routes. Once the sun had been on the faces for a few hours, the rocks became very hot to the touch. This made things very interesting when reaching for a hold. I did a couple of interesting 5.7 + 5.8's, plus an improvised 5.10 that required some very unorthodox moves at the start.

All of the routes were traditional climbs, so it was intesteresting to see the leads set the anchors. This is something I know nothing about, so it was cool to learn a little bit as we went.

Two weeks until TooL. ;-)


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