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Sunday, January 29, 2006

Okay, first a little rundown on the hottest 100.

Okay, some suprises there... NIN didn't make the hottest 100... WTF ???? I think it's time a serious amount of education was unleashed upon the people of australia, and by that I mean I get to beat a lot of people with a clue bat.

As for the top 10... Bernard Fanning winning, well I rate him the same was I rate powderfinger, I don't like them, at the same time, I don't dislike them. So I am kinda meh about him winning... Ben Lee coming second, HELL NO! that song shat me something silly. Two tracks by Wolfmother was good to see. Haven't seen those guys live yet, but I've enjoyed what I have heard.

The best part of the count down... later that night listening to what passes as an alternative radio station over here (I use the term alternative loosely)... There up and coming band for the night, was Wolfmother... nice to see australia is leading the way yet again...

Finally got to hear the new single from the Butterfly Effect. I loved 'Begins Here' when it was released and seeing them live was a HUGE night. So when I heard there was a new albumn coming, I was extremely happy. Having heard the first single I was disapointed, and overjoyed at the same time. The reason for the polar oposite feeling was the fact that there sound was exactly the same. This is great, because I LOVE their old sound, it was disapointing because if a band stays too much the same, listening to the new albumn is too much like listening to the old albumn.

Saw the new Underworld movie last night. The first one was bad in a good way (i.e. it was a bad movie, but enjoyable). This one was bad in a bad way. Making it even worse was the fact that the first one had a soundtrack by Danny Lohner, the second one had a soundtrack by some random guy :-(


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