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Wednesday, February 15, 2006

You know how I pretend to be good with technology and stuff. Well it's all a well constructed ruse. In reality I am hopeless with anything technical.

Case-an-point : I have had my iPod for about a month now. Ever since I got it, the biggest problem I have had, is the fact it is so hard to fastforward or rewind inside of media files. I've been pressing and holding the forward or backwards buttons, thinking that was how you fastforward/rewind. Today, I found out that if you press the center button, it changes the clickwheel from 'volume' to 'position' mode, so you can fastforward/rewind the media with ease. IT TOOK ME 4 WEEKS TO FIGURE THIS OUT! Sure I could have read the instructions and learnt this... but that's not how I operate. I expect things to be intuative... and this defnatly was not.

Only thing that made me feel better was the conversation I had with Tarang my officemate afterwards. I told him that I had figured out how to fastforward/rewind on my iPod and his response "yeah, you hold down the forward/back button". Tarang has had an iPod for years :-) So it's not just me who's a bit slow on the uptake.

Weather has been fscking awsome here recently (*knocks on wood*). The sun has been shining and it hasn't been raining as much. Actually got to go for a skate outside a couple of times. Plus last sunday, I was able to wear shorts/tshirt outside all day without feeling too cold.

Met another Australian while I was doing some shopping on the weekend. He told me there is an australian pub down greenlake which serves Tooheys New and meat pies... there will be a field trip there sometime in the near future.

Made a couple of decisions about my life in the last couple of days. Firstly I am moving closer to work. The commute is really getting me down, plus with summer comming I am hoping I will be able to ride my bike to work more. Plus I am up here most of the time anyway, and driving back/forth does not make much sense.

Secondly, I am going to stop killing myself over this job. All I have managed to do recently, is make myself sick again. As much as I like this job, I would rather be healthy than to have it.

[ Pearl Jam - Do The Evolution ]


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