Mikes Random Musings

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Okay, been a while since I posted anything meaningfull. There are reasons for that, I have been working like a dog for the last couple of weeks/months.

David (brother), was supposed to be coming up to Seattle next weekend for a visit, while on route to Hawaii. Unfortunatly, he contracted Glandular Fever a few weeks ago, and due to some compilications the doctors have advised him not to travel. I'm upset and happy about it at the same time. Considering how homesick I am most of the time, seeing him would have been great. It would have been some sense of normality in my currently messed up life. However, I also know that when he left I would have felt worse than ever. So by removing his visit I have saved myself that emotional fall.

Finally managed to get an Xbox 360 a few weekends ago. Wow, this thing is class from start to finish. I plugged it into my network and it automatically detected my media center and started sharing files. The console interface is fantastic, and xbox live is great (trailers, demos & arcade :-) ). Only downside I have found so far is that Lego Star Wars does not work with the 360's emulation mode. I also found out that my copy of Halo 2 is not region locked, so I can play the copy I bought in Australia on the xbox I bought in America (oh happy day).

Apart from that, nothing very interesting has happened over the last couple of weeks I've worked, slept and worked some more. The weather here is starting to get better, more sunny days, I am hoping that holds out so I can actually get outside a bit when I have some time.