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Monday, September 25, 2006

So it has been 365 days since I left the sanity of Australia to live in the insanity of America....

I was having dinner with Keith this evening (and some others from the IE team). Before the others arrived I was talking about the move, and the fact that I miss home. Keiths comment to me was to think about what I did this weekend, and would I have done anything like that if I was back home. I thought about it, and I came to conclusion that no I would not have. This weekend, if I was still living my old life back in Perth would probably have been spent, doing my grocery shopping, playing hockey and cleaning my apartment. This is not a bad thing, but I feel I am living a much fuller life (I am doing more), now that I am living here (funny how it took a job that consumes all of my time for me to get more of a life).

Also, I've made some really great friends while I have been here. Sure, it's not the same as hanging out with Scott and Richard, but they are still some really great people who I would miss if I moved back to Australia.

Finally there is the work. Sure, it's hard, long hours and sometimes really annoying, but overall I have fun, and I enjoy what I do. It has also taught me that I can care about what I do, without it controlling my life. I am able to seperate my life from my work, and not let one control the other.

So I guess I really am happy here, at least as happy as I can be.

Anyway, on to my weekend. Saturday night was pretty fun, I went an saw the musical 'Bombay Dreams' at one of the theaters in Seattle. It was a really great production, and reminded me why I like watching live theater.

Sunday I headed back out to Leavenworth for some more climbing. It was a long, but very enjoyable day. I got to meet a bunch of new people, and climb some very cool routes, including a lead on a 50ft 5.8 sport pitch. I took one fall, about 4 - 5 foot down to the last peice of protection (which thankfully held). I have been told I need to work on my clipping technique, and my general climbing technique. So my aim for this winter is to work on that, so next summer I am able to lead more outdoor climbs. Then who knows, maby multi-pitch is next on my list. (There are some photo's from the day on my flickr page).

I also wanted to plug a guy called Mick Pearson and his comapny Kaf Adventures. This is the guy who lead the group on Sunday. He was a really nice guy who knew what he was doing and provided a really good learning environment. He's was very positive about all aspects of the day, and really made you believe you could do whatever you wanted. I know I came away from the day feeling a lot better about my climbing, and like I had learnt alot. I will be looking for any more classes offered by him, and I recomend everyone else who can do the same.


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