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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Tonight I was hanging out with Tarang, Dana & Ben down in the UDistrict. This is the first time since my first week in Seattle that I have really been down into that area. Wow, I realised how much I miss my old life. It was just like driving through nedlands, there were young people everywhere rushing home from classes, grabbing cheap (good) food, hanging out in university accomodation (dana lives in flats that are owned by the university, but are not the dorms).

I really wish I could live in an area like that, its the type of place that has some personality, rather than the bland pre-packaged existance that is Redmond. Around here a leaf on the sidewalk looks out of place, and nothing ever really happens (it is the suburbs after all). UDistrict, was more like Nedlands or Subiaco, a place where it seems that something is always going on.

Oh, and I also got to see my first american frat house... it's exactly that, a really big house with some greek letters on the outside, and way too many boys inside.

Also, for those I have not emailed yet. I'll be back in Australia at the end of the year. I am taking 4 weeks off and comming home for some sun, sand & real beer. I'll be in Sydney for the 3 days on the way in (around 12/16), then Perth for 3.5 weeks before heading back to the cold. I want to see as many people as possible, so if I have ever spoken to you, or even if I don't know you and you have an aussie accent and are willing to meet me for a beer, send me an email telling me where and when.


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