Mikes Random Musings

Sunday, October 15, 2006

As much as this pains me to say, Tool is no longer the greatest concert experience of the year for me. Last night, I saw the Dresden Dolls play at the Showbox.

This show was so amazing, it wasn't just a band on stage, it was a full artistic experience. There was caberat dancers on stage, there was artists on stage during the support acts painting canvases and people, there was an MC who was an acomplished musician in his own right. In addition to this explosion of creativity there were also these two amazing musicians (Amanda & Brian) pouring all of this emotion and energy into thier music.

The support act were a group called The Red Paintings from Queensland Australia. It was good to hear some real accents (these were the second australian band I have seen this week :-) ). These guys were really interesting, they projected some visceral movies against the wall while they played, and the music was very raw and abrupt. Picked up thier first EP at the show, need to listen to it some more, but I am really enjoying it so far.

Over the last week, I have also seen Muse, Architecture in Helsinki and Clap Your Hand, Say Yeah.

So far the most expensive show was Muse, which cost me $50. The rest have been about $20. I am also seeing Placebo next week, which is also $20. Back in perth, Muse + Placebo would have been ~$80, and the other three would have been at least $60. Why such a difference, even allowing for currency conversion, the tickets in Australia are much more expensive. I would assume it's the cost of getting to Australia, but the prices would hold true for Australian bands touring inside of Australia.

Sunday, October 08, 2006

the whole idea of using had become repugnant to me and I wanted to stop, I couldn't, which is textbook definition of active addiction ."
-- Anthony Kiedis, Scar tissue.

This sentance triggered some thoughts inside of me.

This is how I am with my health. I know there is something wrong with me, I know how I can get better and what I need to give up in order to get better, and yet I cannot do it. When I am sick, all I want to happen is my life to go back to how it was at the start of this year (or better, how it was three years ago before all of this happened), but I cannot bring myself to give up what is required in order for me to get better. I don't want to live my life without these things.

I guess I am not at the bottom yet, once I am there, I can begin to rebuild.