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Monday, May 22, 2006

Okay, this was fun, grab your current playlist and start creating...

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Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Chili Peppers albumn has been released.

Basically, if you like thier old stuff (One Hot Minute is excepted from that). Then you'll like this albumn. Why change a formula when it's so damn good.

I am also reading Scartissue, Anthony Kiedis's autobiography. It's really an amazing read, because this guy has basically been an addict since he was 12 years old. It's funny how he characterises his addiction, and says that he knew what he was doing was bad for him, but he just couldn't get the will together to change his life. I have amazing respect for someone who can be that introspective, and write about something that was obviously such a hard time.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

So, reading slashdot today, I saw this post about CmdrTaco turning 30. This in of it's self is a slightly interesting, though not really blogworthy situation. The real mind scew however comes when you think about when you first started reading slashdot. For me, I was still in highschool, the site was called Chips & Dips, comments did not exist, and moderation had never even been mentioned... Ever since then, there have only been a few days where I have gone without reading the site. So, if Rob is now 30, that must mean... holy crap... I'm getting old (this is not a bad thing, keep reading).

My perception of myself has never really changed since highschool. I still see myself as a geeky-kid. I look around at everyone I know and if they are my age, they are kids, if they are older than me, then they are adults (there are exceptions to this rule, named Dick, Scott & Keith) who have to be responsible and stuff. Then an event like this causes my reality to adjust. It suddenly hits me that I am no longer that highschool kid, but it warms me to realise that if myself perception has not changed, then hopefully I haven't changed too much either. I liked who I was as a kid, and I hope I can go on being that person for a lot longer.

Seriously, who would I have had to kill to get a ticket to this.

Johnny Rotten, Stan Lee, Carrie Fisher, Eddie Izzard & others all in a room reading poetry. Hell yeah.

Friday, May 05, 2006

Sitting in a dark office by myself (tarang is in boston for the weekend), Nick Cave (Abbatoir Blues - Nature Boy) turned up WAY to loud on my headphones, writing some code. Have I ever mentioned how sometimes this job FUCKING ROCKS!

Don't worry, i'll be depressed as hell again by tomorrow. ;-)

Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Cause I need to watch things die... from a distance.
Vicariously I live while the whole world dies.
You all need it too - don't lie.

TooL - Vicarious

So, new Tool albumn came out yesterday. Holy hell this is good. It's similar to Lateralus in that it's more instrumental than the earlier albumns. Maynards vocals are fantastic & the bass work just blows through your body.

There are only 2 sub 5-minute tracks, and they are both intro's to the following tracks. So it's a lot of flowing music that play with your emotions.

I would try to rank this against the other albumns, except all tool albumns are so good and different, they are impossible to compare.

The only way I can really summarize this albumn is....

Go... get... it.... now!

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

This post gets a little introspective and whiny. Feel free to skip.

I am currently reading Henry Rollins - Get In The Van. It's journal entries from when he was on the road with Black Flag back in the early 80's.

Two things have come from my reading of this book.

First is, I have a new respect for how hardcore Henry is. I mean, he has always come across as a hardcore kinda guy, but looking at the shit he put up with to do something he knew he loved. He had a steady job, somewhere to live & friends around him, he gave this all up, to basically live on the streets and sing for a band. Life on the road meant he never had enough sleep, he was moving all the time, he was targeted by the cops, and most of the time he didn't have a place to stay, or money for food. Even though things were hard, he kept doing it, because he knew he enjoyed it and his life wouldn't have as much meaning if he quit.

The second revelation came when I looked at my life in comparison with this book. I am working my ass off here and I hate it. I mean I love the work, I just don't like devoting my entire life to it (I mean that literally). Then I read this book, and realise that I have it pretty good in comparison. When I finish, I can go home. I have somewhere to sleep, I have money for food, and I am doing what I enjoy.

So, I guess what I realised is, no matter how bad I feel about what I am doing I need to remember, it could be worse.

The other thing I found in this book were some photo's of Henry and Nick Cave together in the early 80's. Damn, they are two scary individuals.